As one of the leading skin tightening and body contouring treatments in the United States, we are proud to be one of only a handful of clinics in the UK to offer the BTL Exilis Elite, an FDA approved treatment.

Naturally, our skin loses volume and elasticity over time. Sadly this can result in skin becoming lax and loose in all the wrong areas! Usually this happens in the following places:

  • Jaw line
  • Front of the neck (‘Turkey Neck’)
  • Around the eyes
  • Tummy
  • Upper arms (‘Bingo Wings’)
  • Inner / outer thighs
  • Buttocks

Exilis Contouring Technology

In extreme cases surgery may be the only option available. There is, however, a very effective non-invasive alternative with the use of Exilis Contouring Technology for mild to moderate cases. Exilis Elite uses revolutionary technology to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin. This improves the appearance of cellulite and reduces fat almost anywhere on the face or body. This is accomplished with the combination of radio frequency (heat) and ultrasound technology. The result of this is tighter, more youthful looking skin. The Machine also targets fatty deposits and cellulite, removing the dead fatty cells naturally through the lymphatic system.

The best part is that it is a non-harmful and non-surgical treatment. Due to the gentle nature of the treatments downtime is minimal. At most there is 20–30 minutes of local redness. What is also remarkable is just how pain free the whole process is. The reason for this is the unique in-built cooling system in addition to the use of cooling gel during treatment. Patients describe mild heat the same as that of a hot stone massage. Of course, any discomfort is toned down immediately to a comfortable level. 

Before And After Pictures

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Exilis Contouring Technology – FAQ’s

Exilis Contouring Technology is unique. It uses both radio frequency (heat) and ultrasound technology. It has two modules, one to tighten skin and the other to break down fat.

Skin tightening - the radio frequency stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. This strengthens the collagen network improving skin laxity, texture and cellulite. It delivers excellent results on areas likely to experience sagging. This includes the jowls, neck, eyes, décolletage, thighs and knees.

Fat reduction - the ultrasound technology penetrates deeper into the layers of subcutaneous fat cells. This causes them to oscillate and breakdown. Over time, the body metabolises and pushes them out as waste. It is especially good on areas of stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat for example abdomen, arms, and thighs.
The Exilis Elite meets strict safety standards. With this, it is FDA approved for use in this country. It is a leading body contouring therapy in the USA. The embedded Energy Flow Control system ensures that the exact amount of energy delivers during treatment. The safety and efficacy of the therapy has been thoroughly tested in several clinical studies.

Due to its built-in cooling technology, Exilis Contouring Technology offers pain-free and safe therapy. This allows real-time monitoring of skin temperature. This enables the practitioner to reach therapeutic temperatures in the shortest amount of time. Consequently, this provides the best outcome whilst ensuring comfort and safety for patients.
The procedure is non invasive and needs no recovery time. Slight redness may happen in areas treated although usually calms down within half an hour of treatment. With this, it is possible to receive treatment in your lunch hour and return to work as normal.
The treatment should not be painful. Exilis Elite provides the most advanced non-surgical solution for treating your body and face safely and effectively. The unique built in cooling system allows your therapist to target heat to the proper skin depth. This achieves the best results while maintaining patient comfort. As a result, many patients describe the feeling similar to a hot stone massage. Given that the treatment requires the patient to lie down, some find it very relaxing.
Exilis Elite treats many parts of the face, e.g. eyes, neck and jowls. Also, it treats virtually any part of the body. On the face it tackles fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. Similarly, on the body it can tighten skin, improve cellulite and reduce fat. 
We recommend an initial course of 4 treatments; delivered 7-10 days apart. Many clients achieve optimum results with this number whereas others require up to 6 treatments. This will depend on your cosmetic concerns and the goals of your treatment.

A top-up treatment 3-6 months later is a good way to maintain optimum results.
Skin sagging and wrinkles – some patients see results after one or two treatments. As the collagen continues to form after the end of your treatment, the best results show after 2-3 months.

Fat reduction – most patients accomplish good results after the 4 treatments. In addition, 1–2 further treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results. This is dependant on the scale of the problem. 
Skin tightening can last up to 2 years. Collagen will begin to break down again in the skin with natural ageing. You can also maintain results with top-up treatments. Fat reduction – with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the results will tend to be long lasting. Again, top-up treatments will always help to keep on top of problem areas.
We recommend Exilis Elite for anyone aged over 21 who is looking for aesthetic improvement to their face / body. There are some contra-indications to having treatment, namely pacemakers, metal implants in the area and hip replacements. Of course, we do not perform procedures without a detailed consultation from one of our fully trained practitioners.
Drinking plenty of water (around 2 litres) the day before a treatment and the next day. If you are having Exilis for body contouring then a healthy lifestyle will aid elimination of fat cells.

For facial treatments, we advise that you follow a skin care regime. For example this should include retinol or vitamin A, an SPF and any collagen supplements. Talk to us about recommendations for some of the excellent products that we have available.
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